Friday, February 24, 2012

Extending the license of ABAP Trial version

Extending the license of ABAP Trial version

1. Log on to the system using SAP* user.
2. Start transaction SLICENSE

Obtain here the hardware key
4. Fill the request form:
MiniSAP License Request Form
You need an SDN user ID. If you have not registered on yet, do it. Enter a valid email address to deliver here the license information. You have to enter the hardware key obtained in SLICENSE transaction.
Send the form.
After few minutes the license file arrives at your mailbox.
Content of NPS.txt:----- Begin SAP License -----
5. Go back to SLICENSE transaction, click on Install button, browse the license file (NSP.txt) and click Open (before navigate to the New Licenses pushing the button on the toolbar)
If you get the error message, the system numbers do not match in the license file and in your system, you would have needed to change the system number (SYSTEM-NR) in the license file. To do this. open the license-file in a text editor (Notepad++ , Notepad, MS Word etc.) and change it to the number of your System Number. You can find your System Number in SLICENSE transaction in the ‘Current Settings’ box at the same place where the hardware key.
Save the file, close it and Install the license again.
When you face different issues, might you chose a different version, not NSP when sending request.
Before the license expires, you get a popup durin logon. Extend the license the same way for additional 90 days.
Good decision is to set up the transport system and save you work into transport files, which can be imported to an another newly installed system.


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CRS said...

How do I get a license for Netweaver_ADA

CRS said...

Blogger is a bear. There are three NSP choices on the license request screen and none of them are for Netweaver_ADA (all for Netwweaver_MSS). I have renewed before with no problem but now I cannot renew

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