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Publishing Configuration Part 2

BusinessObjects and SAP - Publishing of Crystal Reports Part 2 of 3
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This is the second part of three where I explain how you can configure the BusinessObjects system and the SAP BI system to leverage the publishing workflow with Crystal Reports.

In case you followed the first part you should now have the publishing service running, a RFC Destination in transaction SM59 configured and a configured BusinessObjects server definition in transaction /CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN.

Now we continue with the configuration steps.

Configure the SAP source parameters

In addition to the definition of the BusinessObjects server you also need to configure the SAP Server settings that should get used for the reports in the BusinessObjects server. You could - as an example - design a report against an application server but then when publishing it switching to a message server with a logon group.

I start the transaction /CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN (Content Administration Workbench)....

And navigate to the SAP System settings in the Publish reports area.

I select the item Set BW source parameter.

... and click on the button New Entries.

I can now enter either a combination of application server and system number or a combination of application / message server and logon group. These settings will then be used and configured in the actual Crystal Report object when the report is being pushed from the BI system to the BusinessObjects server.

Configuring the SAP HTTP request handler

To enable viewing of reports in BW via the role menu (for example, opening a Crystal Report from the SAP GUI), you need to configure BW to use the HTTP request handler that is included as part of the Crystal Content Administration Workbench transport. Then, when a BW user opens a Crystal report from within the SAP GUI, BW is able to route the viewing request over the web appropriately to BusinessObjects Enterprise.

I start transaction SICF (Maintain services)...

...and navigate to the the folder default_host / SAP / BW

I double-click on the service ce_url.

... and select the tab "Handler List" .

I then change the list to ensure the entry /CRYSTAL/CL_BW_HTTP_HANDLER is the top entry.

This specific handler is part of the ABAP Transports (see the Installation and Configuration for details).

This configuration allows the user to also start a report from inside the SAP GUI (for example: from the role menu) and thenecessary server details are then resolved dynamically based on the configuration we made earlier in the transaction /CRYSTAL/RPTADMIN.

In Part 3 I will explain the necessary steps in regards to security on the BusinessObjects server.

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